Why choose a notarized will?

The notarized will, or will before a notary, is without a doubt the best option as it is the safest one. It cannot be altered, hidden or destroyed. We keep the original in our vault safe from any unforeseen event (fire, theft, etc.). Thus, if you misplace your copy or even if someone destroys it, the original remains safe and available. You may call us at any time to obtain a new copy. Furthermore, all the wills we prepare are registered with the Chambre des notaires du Québec.

How to establish if a relative left a will?

For all deaths in the province of Quebec, a search for a will must be undertaken to find the last will written by the deceased. This means that even if none of your relatives know that you have a will, it will always be tracked. Following your death, your notarized will can be quickly used which is far from the case of a holograph will or a will before witnesses. The latter two will have to be validated by Quebec’s Superior Court which means additional expenses and delays in the liquidation of your estate.

You can now set the terms under which your assets will be disposed of following your death. Why not proceed in the simplest, safest, and least costly manner, that of the notarized will? If you have your loved ones and relatives at heart, save them the trouble of figuring out your last wishes. Let us help you put them down in writing officially as words fly away, but writings remain.

4 false reasons to skip a will

I am much too young to write a will

An accident can happen in a flash. One never knows what the future entails.

I don’t have much money; a will is thus not required in my case.

Without a will, the law will establish how your assets are to be shared. It is a more costly process than a notarized will. This could considerably affect your loved ones.

A notarized will is much too costly.

Bessette Notaires has very competitive rates to have this service widely available. You may be pleasantly surprised. Don’t hesitate to take the few minutes required to obtain an online quote!

I am married; I don’t have to write a will as everything will go to my spouse.

Your spouse will inherit 100 % of your estate only if you have no children, living parents, brothers or sisters, nephews and nieces, and this even though you are co-owners of the property. This may lead to unwanted situations far from what you had anticipated.


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There are three will types:

  • Holograph will;
  • Will with witnesses;
  • Notarized will;