Buying and selling of property

The offer to purchase or the offer to sell is usually the document signed by each party prior to the bill of sale.

Contrary to what many think, such a document is not one easily set aside. It is a preliminary contract underlining the obligations of each party. Once the document is signed, it becomes quite difficult to change any of the terms and conditions and to dodge its contractual obligations. Best to consult your notary before signing such a contract with or without the implication of a real estate agent.

Buying a property?

Seeking to have a structured professional see that your purchase is done right? You need a clear title, that goes without saying. If a problem arises, you need to know it fast. At Bessette Notaires the title check is completed immediately on reception of the file. If there is indeed a problem, it can be addressed quickly and more easily with the appropriate measures.

A notary is an expert in real estate transactions. At Bessette Notaires, we make it our business. A sound transaction in full knowledge of events is what we deliver.

You want to submit an offer to purchase a property but there is no real estate agent involved? An offer to purchase is an important operation with far-reaching effects. The most elementary prudence calls for getting the advice of an expert. As you know, a notary is precisely the recognized expert in real estate law. Once the offer to purchase is signed, it becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible, to change any of its terms and conditions and to avoid meeting its obligations. A notary can inform you of the specifics of such a document to avoid unfortunate surprises and, ultimately, see to the smooth signature of the offer to purchase/sell.

Selling your property?

One must know before signing. A project was submitted to your attention? We can check it and ensure that the commitments you are making are those that you are willing to make. In financial matters, the best surprise is no surprise. Be protected.

Commercial real estate

Transactions involving commercial buildings, housing projects, office buildings, shopping malls, and land must be carried out with precision and skill.

Timelines must be met and the comprehensive skills of a notary in all matters of business are essential to the smooth conduct of the acquisition or sale of commercial property.

Bessette Notaires is known to make the difference.

Get to know your rights and obligations before acting on impulse.