Bessette notaire’s role in your mortgage financing

For the purchase of a first home or a new property, you will probably need financing from a financial institution. If you are already an owner, you may then consider mortgage refinancing to obtain more favorable conditions, proceed with property renovations or even pay off a debt.

In each case, a specialist in real estate law from Bessette Notaires will be a precious ally. Once the loan has been granted by your financial institution, he will proceed with the examination of your mortgage instructions, your location certificate, and your property titles. Your notary will also ensure that you meet all the legal conditions set by your financial institution to protect you from unpleasant surprises.

To complete your file,
Your notary will:

Obtain the instructions from the creditor, your financial institution;
Proceed with the required verifications to ensure that the transaction is legal such as the review of titles, location certificate, and, if necessary, of divided co-ownership documents;
Set up a meeting to answer all your questions, obtain your signature and, mostly, explain all the details of the loan and your obligations under the mortgage guarantee (payment of property taxes, subscription and maintenance of property insurance, and more);
Post the new mortgage guarantee on your building in the Quebec land registry;
Receive the funds from the financial institution and proceed with the disbursements as instructed;
If requested by the creditor, he will proceed with the delisting (discharge) of all the former mortgage guarantees from the Quebec land registry
Finally, your notary will supply a detailed written report of your titles to your creditor.

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You will get answers to all your questions, even in the case of serious issues or complex situations, with the help of our professionals specialized in real estate law.

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