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Bessette Notaires sees to it that the officiant is part and parcel of your dream becoming reality. Each notary ensures that your requests are respected so that the ceremony meets your highest expectations. Warm, excellent speakers and utmost professionals, our officiants are the right choice for future spouses.

For an experienced officiant and a perfect ceremony!

For over ten years now, our officiating notaries have joined spouses from multiple cultures. Our experience will have you live the perfect ceremony. Wherever your wedding or civil union is to be celebrated, it is with pleasure that we will be present to unite you under the law. With our many branches, we can respond where and when you need us.

Prior to the big day

Custom consultation
Ask all your questions to the officiating notary. During the first meeting, your notary will cover all aspects of the ceremony to ensure it meets your highest expectations with no surprises. He will also take the time to review the impacts of the marriage or civil union on your family assets and the financial consequences. With his help, you will know what to expect before and after the ceremony. This consultation is meant to be reassuring, pleasant, and simple.

Legal issues

The marriage or civil union contract is of true value for the spouses. This official document allows you to set ahead of time how your assets will be shared in an unforeseen event such as a divorce, separation, or dissolution of a civil union. Simple and fast, this contract will prevent many conflicts and ensure your peace of mind. Furthermore, it may always be modified at will by both parties.

The civil union or marriage contract discussed, written, and filed with a notary allows you to save on legal costs while reducing your level of stress. For example, did you know that the law already provides for the assets to be equally shared? However, it does not underline the order or destination of the unique assets to be shared. To consult us will allow you to protect your family assets. With the help of our experienced notaries, you will obtain precious advice on asset allocation such as property or vehicles. You can then join your destinies with full peace of mind.

Marriage between same-sex spouses
Take your vows and certify your union with your spouse before one of our officiating notaries. True partners of your marriage, our notaries will ensure that the ceremony lives up to your dreams while respecting the rules of marriage.

For a successful wedding…
Opt for a colorful civil wedding, in the location of your dreams anywhere in the province of quebec

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